Connect, Persuade, and Move People to Action

 ►Offer: Company Training in Storytelling Skills

 ►For: 8fit GmbH; Stralauer Allee 10-11; 10245 Berlin

 ►Contact: Nick Hape; Happiness Manager | 8fit ; +49 151 75374640; nick@8fit.com

Seminar Description

In our world where we are drowning in information,

how do you stand out?

Clear, vivid messages told in

compelling, well-crafted stories!


In this interactive, experiential workshop, your company will explore why stories work, how to craft them, have time to try it out in small groups and receive peer and trainer feedback. The day culminates with a spectacular company event based on The Bear storytelling format:

As the sunsets (after hours), the office (or rented venue) is turned into a cabaret theater - complete with a spotlight, raised platform, and a microphone. “Bar” is opened for drinks and snacks; the company relaxes around small tables in front of the stage. A live musician sets the atmosphere, and company employees are invited to share the stories they crafted during the day “live” on stage. The whole show is moderated by Dyane Neiman, who together with a professional musician weaves the stories into a satisfying, entertaining, and inspiring experience for everyone.

We have done this event for several companies and the results are:

1) REINFORCES the craft of telling engaging stories.

2) BUILDS confidence and courage to actually “do it!”

3) an EXCELLENT, proof-of-concept way to bring teams and companies together.

Proof of Concept

Sometimes images are more convincing than words.

This is a photo of an international team from Booking.com. The young leaders are based in different countries around the world. They met in Berlin for the first time in person, and after the storytelling training and “show” event - the day ended like this:

We came together as strangers,.jpg


► The Benefits

Stories create connection by creating empathy and trust. And when told well, stories can move people to action: to consider an idea, buy a product or service, or change a behavior or attitude. Storytelling is an easy skill to learn, AND it's a fun, engaging way to communicate.

→ Participants learn why, how, and when to use storytelling skills to share ideas, move people to action and create wholesome relationships within and outside the company.

→ Storytelling is a team builder: participants feel more connected and empathetic towards their colleagues.

→ Participants have the beginnings of an awesome personal story.

→ Participants learn an essential life skill for their professional and personal lives.


Interactive introductions 13-13:30 hrs:

  • How to describe yourself/characters in a story so that it sticks. 

  • Improvisation skill to sharpen eye contact and group connection.

Presentation - 13:30-14:15 hrs.: 

  • Why stories and not facts? A quick look at the brain and how it is wired for stories to quickly and easily internalize material, comprehend it, and create meaning from it.

  • How to craft a compelling story: the seven essential elements: character with a goal, conflict, high-stakes, aha-moment, resolution, the point / lesson learned, sensory language.

Create a personal, true story - 14:30- 15 hrs:

Share stories in smaller groups; receive trainer and peer feedback - 15 - 16 hrs:

How to apply storytelling to business communication? - 16-17 hrs: Together with trainer, participants spin & share concrete ways to incorporate story into their meetings, sales pitches, customer and colleague relationships, marketing, etc….

Dinner or break or transport to “surprise” location (rented theater venue) 17 - 18 hrs.

Company Storytelling Show based on “The Bear, true stories. told live format” - 18-20 hrs:



Storytelling Training and Evening Show with Dyane Neiman, Moving Speaker

Total: 1.950,- (plus 19%VAT) includes any travel (within Berlin) and material costs.

Additional costs to consider: additional trainers (950,-plus 19%VAT /half day) recommended for larger groups; theater equipment for office or rent for venue; professional musician; bar/catering ideas.

About Us

Dyane at The Bear.png

Dyane Neiman

founder and director of Moving Speaker; founder and artistic director of The Bear. true stories. erzaehltes leben.

Dyane is NYC-bred, Berlin-based communication trainer helping professionals to create and deliver clear, vivid messages that move audiences to action. Her clients have included: Booking.com. Dalia Research GmbH, Signavio GmbH, Helmholtz Horizon Talks* , Berlin Science Week “The Gravity Show”, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd' pRED Awards (since 2016), Falling Walls Conference - where she trained 100 of the next generation of outstanding innovators and creative thinkers from around the world, among others.

Former award-winning choreographer and director, Dyane moved audiences with her signature style that includedwit, humor, and self-irony (Handelsblatt).

Now she and her team of speaker coaches help move worthwhile ideas from people who have them >>> to people who need them.

In 2015, she founded and continues to direct the non-profit monthly storytelling event The Bear to promote the Art of Storytelling in the Berlin Community and Beyond.

Dyane remains dedicated to inspiring people from all walks of life to discover the power of their own voice and their own stories to move audiences to action.


Dyane brings energy and a depth of understanding about public speaking that are truly inspiring beside her generous and kind rapport, which generates immediate trust and a great learning space.

Stan Cutzach, Transparency International

Some of our clients:

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-Robert McKee