A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes
Photo credit: Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash.

Photo credit: Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash.

The Aha Moment.

REFLECT on your story.

What was the emotional peak of your experience? When did you have a change in perspective that gave your story a completely new direction?

RELEASE the tension.

After building up tension through your protagonist's internal and external, your listeners need a release. This peak of tension is called the turning point or the "aha moment". The protagonist has a flash of enlightment. Conflict is released because the protagonist makes a decision or takes an action that changes the anticipated outcome of the story.

RESOLVE the knots.

The final outcome of a story, sometimes called the denouement is the untangling of events that reveals how the complication is addressed and clarified.


“Aha” moment example:

“Don't Fall in Love with Your Monkey” by Ari Handel

And that should have been a good day for me, because I was getting back to science now. I would get my data, Santiago would get his juice. The suffering for us was over.
But it wasn't a good day, because with all that stuff that had come before, the competition and the cooperation between, I had gotten to know Santiago. And now that Santiago wasn't there anymore. I was sitting here with just another monkey with a broken will. And I was the one who had broken it.
Something snapped a little for me too that day because I was going to finish my thesis, but the mystique of being a scientist- of finding out all this stuff about the mind- just didn't seem so magical any more.