Speechwriting tip: An unexamined speech is not worth giving.

The Power of Pondering

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living" in the same respect,

an unexamined speech is not worth giving.

Why settle for your first draft?

Seek out feedback from people whose opinion you respect. Listen deeply and stay open. These critical comments are offered with the aim to make your speech more effective in expressing your idea.

After a feedback session, take time to reflect: Which comments should you use? Which ones should you discard (or save for later)?

Making changes to something you thought was already great, can be challenging. What do I cut out? What do I keep in? It takes courage, to cut out what you really love (referred to as your "darlings") And it takes confidence - to keep what you believe already works (despite what the critics say).

Feedback helps us to examine our speech, so that it becomes a message worth giving.

When people offer you their subjective views and insights, it's a generous gift, don't forget to say thank you!

Dyane Neiman is the Moving Speaker: www.moving-speaker.com. She helps business professionals at all levels, who want to enjoy speaking in public, in English. She always encourages speakers to get valuable, motivating feedback before going on stage. Get in touch at dyane@moving-speaker.com


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