Public Speaking: The Best Tool for Stage Fright

Fear causes your body to contract. Learn to expand your body shape in times of fear.

Fear causes your body to contract. Learn to expand your body shape in times of fear.


The shape of your body affects your mind.

your mind affects your  thoughts,
your thoughts affect your behavior,
your behavior affects your outcomes.

My advice to you:

Start with the body!

When you start with the physical body and focus on expanding its size in space, you will experience a ripple effect of positive changes. Right before you are about to go on stage, your body often goes into distress mode. In distress mode, you CONTRACT. Your muscles, body shape, breath, vocal chords, eye focus, and brain contract.

Making the situation worse:

  1. Contracted muscles cannot feel. You cannot radiate big energy with tight muscles.
  2. A contracted body shape makes you appear “small” - unconfident and nervous.
  3. Contracted breath and vocal chords, decrease your volume and range of your voice. Contracted vocal chords tend to produce higher pitched voices which are less effective and unpleasant. The audience will hear your distress and enjoy your talk less.
  4. Contracted vision makes you blind to all the possibilities.
  5. And a contracted brain will remain stiff, exactly at this stressful time when you need it to be flexible and spontaneous.

Do the opposite: EXPAND.

When you are about to speak, you want to expand the shape of your body. By using deep breathing and visualization, you imagine your body expanding above, beneath, in front, back and sides of you.

Training your body shape to be expansive will be an effective tool for you if you practice daily. When you are standing in line, waiting for a green light, sitting in your car - breathe deeply and expand your body shape. Doing it again and again throughout your day until it becomes an automatic response. In times of real distress, you fall to the level of your training. How intuitively can your body reverse its natural urge to contract?

Enjoy the volume and bigness of your body shape. Because the shape of your body affects the shape of your mind. The shape of your mind affects your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your behavior and your behavior affects your outcome.

 If you want to have a big outcome, you have to start with a BIG body shape.

Dyane Neiman is the Moving Speaker: She helps business professionals at all levels, who want to enjoy speaking in public, in English. She always encourages speakers to expand their presence, by expanding their body shape. Get in touch at

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