Move People to Action

- Public Speaking Training for Transparency International - 

with Dyane Neiman, Moving Speaker director

Public Speaking Seminar

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” John F. Kennedy

When you stand up to speak, it's a chance to make a difference. Do you want your listeners to consider an idea, change a behavior or attitude, or make a financial commitment? In a supportive, fun learning environment, you will explore the necessary verbal and non-verbal skills to move people to action of any kind.

In a pre-seminar discussion, specific needs and topics will be pinpointed.

Our Goal

Fully-committed participants become more confident and competent communicators.

 Here are three options, which allow flexibility and can be further customized when needed.


Option 1

 One full seminar day

on location at Transparency International

A balance between learning new knowledge & skills and the time / space / motivating feedback to stand up and speak! again and again.

Topics will include: mindset, preparation, sticky structure, dynamic body language, stage anxiety, storytelling, presence/charisma.


  • Trainer: 2.200 € (plus 19%VAT)
  • minus > NGO 20% discount : 440 €

Total: 1.760,- € (plus 19%VAT)


Option 2

One full seminar day

off location Meeet Mitte

The same seminar content and intention, with the addition of a new space for the participants.

The advantage of an off location heightens participants awareness and frees them of any mental associations or work obligations. Past experience shows that TI employees like to sneak back into their offices in the pauses - never to be seen again - because of the pile of work on their desks!

Meeet location can offer a stage-like situation with lights and microphone. Catering like lunch, "Kaffee & Kuchen" can be ordered at additional costs.


  • Trainer: 2.200 € (plus 19%VAT)
  • minus > NGO 20% discount : 440 €
  • Trainer Total: 1.760  € (plus 19%VAT)

Venue: Meeet Mitte Pavillon in der Chausseestar. 86, Berlin

  • von 9:00 to 17:00 hrs. (8 Std. á 49€): 392€ (plus 19%VAT)
  • plus > Stage setup 50€ (plus 19%VAT)
  • Venue total: 442€ (plus 19%VAT)

Total: 2.202,-  € (plus 19%VAT)


Option 3

Two full seminar days

 on location at Transparency International

The same seminar content and intention as one full day with additional time allowing:

  • more new topics can be introduced.
  • more in-depth exploration into topics.
  • more time for delivery practice and feedback.


  • Trainer: 4.400 € (plus 19%VAT)
  • minus > NGO 20% discount : 880,- €
  • minus > 2-day discount: 120,- €

Total: 3.400,-  € (plus 19%VAT)