20 August 2018


Transparency International e.V.
Alt-Moabit 96

10559 Berlin, Germany


        Ms. Anja Nowak, Human Resources Coordinator

To achieve the following OUTCOME

 Fully-committed participants will be able to significantly improve  their ability to effectively inform, persuade, inspire and motivate  audiences through public speaking. New skills and tools will be immediately beneficial to any upcoming  public speaking event from delivering a high-stake keynote speech to making a short comment during a team meeting.

        An example of a 2-day interactive workshop with the following focus and topics:

Day One

10 - 17 hrs (one-hour lunch, 2 x 15-minute breaks)

FOCUS: Expand Your Speaking Impact

Topics could include:

  • Effective structure for speeches, presentations, and spontaneous comments.
  • Speaking in Soundbites
  • Writing for the Ear
  • Storytelling - make the message memorable
  • 10 Tips for a Killer Presentations
  • Visual aids and other sensory input
  • Preparation - learn how professional speakers prepare
  • Speaking Anxiety - turn nervous energy into powerful energy
  • PRACTICE speaking with impact
  • Peer & Trainer Feedback


Day Two

10- 17:00 (one hour lunch, 2 X 15-minute breaks)

FOCUS: Expand Your Speaking Presence

Topics could include:

  • What is Presence? What is Charisma?
  • Dynamic Body Language  - energize your message
  • Powerful Voice - add volume and vocal variety
  • Build Audience Rapport - again storytelling!
  • Q & A Sessions - enjoy & excel at answering questions
  • PRACTICE speaking with presence
  • Peer & Facilitator Feedback
  • Plan a strategy to become a better public speaker.



The workshop facilitator schedules the duration of each topic according to the individual needs and requests of the group.

  • *Includes assessing participants needs before the workshop
  • *Includes evaluating results after the workshop.
  • *Includes access to video recordings.
  • *Includes trainer's transportation and material costs.