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Dyane Neiman, founder of The Bear storytelling and business owner of Moving Speaker - brings people to action: here with a big jump; focused & connected into 2018!



Here is what some our clients* have to say about their experience with Moving Speaker, business owner Dyane Neiman.

*Due to confidentiality agreements with our coaching clients, some names have been withheld.


Dyane helped us write a true and emotional story, and guided me on how to tell it. Using my voice, my body, my movements, my face, owning the stage, getting the audience to fall in love with our project… Dyane’s coaching sessions were definitely the best decision we ever made. I learned a lot, not only for this particular pitch, but for my job and my life.
— Sofia Nürnberger, GIZ & Winning Pitch at the GIZ Innovation Fund 2018/19 from over 100 applicants; May 2019

I had been always fascinated with storytelling and when I was selected as a finalist for the Berlin Falling Walls Lab 2016, I took this as an outstanding opportunity to explore the field with Dyane.

Dyane is a great professional, but first of all she is an artist! She is creative, passionate, brilliant and very sensitive. Her great communicational skills and her original perspectives on things, made the difference. I am very happy with the work we did together. Thanks Dyane, you rock!"

Antonella Radicchi, speaker at the Falling Walls Lab, November 8, 2016

You're email made my day. It was fun collaborating with you. Without a doubt you helped us all remember that inside our scientific personas there is another persona - us.

Norm M.,  Scientist, Roche Innovation Center Basel, September 20, 2017 

It was great working with you, and all the speeches we heard today were simply wonderful! Great work :)

Christopher C., Researcher, Roche Innovation Center Basel, September 20, 2017 

I am the one to THANK YOU for all the learning and inputs shared with us in the past weeks. It was a lot of fun and overall a very pleasant and enjoyable experience! The "right people" in the end was just the *right thing* to say and this was your great suggestion Dyane! Thank you!

Marina B; award-winning leader; Roche Innovation Center Basel Switzerland, September 20, 2017

Many thanks for your precious feedback and YES, we are going for gold !!! I incorporated most of the changes you proposed. I really would like to thank you very much. Your help in writing the talk was great, it brought a lot of ideas and raised my self-confidence to make it even greater !!! I cross my fingers for next week (award ceremony) and hope I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Christophe G., manager at Roche Innovation Center Basel, Switzerland; June 15, 2106

Thank you for all the support and suggestions you did. I learnt a lot from you and this will help me in the future for other presentations. It was a great experience for me ...

Dr. Stefan S, Clinical Pharmacologist, Roche Innovation Center Basel, Switzerland; September 22, 2017

Dyane's coaching style was warm, encouraging and consistently focused the outcomes that I wanted to achieve. I bounced around on topics a bit and she was able to not only track with me, but find the common threads, which provided me with the opportunity to have some important insights. She also provided me with a tool (a centering exercise) to help me approach a particularly difficult situation with more ease and less defensiveness. Dyane is a generous, insightful and attuned coach who provided me with just the right mix of support, guidance and encouragement.

I want to thank you for your excellent coaching - hands down the best I have received through ReciproCoach! ...

Sharon P., coach, human resources professional, California, USA, Jun 25, 2016

It (the keynote speech) was great!! I received a standing ovation!! Thanks a lot for everything!!
Dr. Andrea H., president of an international health organization, May 10, 2016

Oh my god. I nailed it.
People lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvved me. (Yeah, with that many v's).
All thanks to you. I'd be nothing and crying in a dumpster without you.

It really means a lot, all the help you have done all these days. You're the best coach there is. Side note, I have been invited to speak in another conference in Romania, been offered a business opportunity and I have advised 3 businesses in the last 2 hours after my speech. Apart from me trying to get away from the crowd that kept asking me questions. I know that it was all you, your structures and your coaching ...Hearty smiles.

Ryan Sivan, entrepreuner, business speaker; November 4, 2015

...Thank you for an incredible year! You've taught me that leadership is not about fitting into norms, but about challenging them. You've shown me how much can be achieved through bursts of creativity and lots of pure enthusiasm! It's been a great year. Thank you.

Khushi Pasquale, Award-winning public speaker, Toastmasters Central Berlin founder

My speech was great, everybody was totally impressed!! A lot of applause!! Everybody said, it was really from my heart and touched everybody. Thank you from the heart!

Dr. Andrea H., president of international health organization, May 2015

It (keynote speech at international conference in front of 2,000 people) went really really really well. People loved it. Lots of people came to me to thank me for the talk over the day and ask questions. Thank you so much for your help over the past weeks! It made a huge difference.

Client, Wiki organization expert

... You have such great ideas, I don't know how you do that, you got the ideas immediately - you are a creativity bomb. Thank you!!!

Magdelena Rother, Django backend developer

I went from confusion and stuckness in my work to being clear about what I was doing and having momentum in the actions I was taking.

Trisha, Coaching Client, Melbourne, Australia

Wow Dyane, that's great feedback! Thank you for your time - you watch very carefully ....15 people approach me yesterday and today to thank and say that they enjoyed the talk! YOU ARE A GREAT MENTOR!

Client for International Conference Keynote Speech, Information Technology expert

... Your feedback helped me to:

  • optimize the structure and throw out unnecessary things, as you kept asking: why do you have it here?

  • get more “life” in the talk

  • add some powerful details

  • bring more humor to the talk

  • used some of your previous tips and did voice exercises before the talk

Client for keynote speech at international conference, Open Source / IT Expert

Thank you Dyane. You are amazing, I have no words for it.. It is a joy to have you as a coach and model. You are more inspiring than you think.. thank you! I am so grateful to work you.

Diana C., coaching client; January 29, 2015

Dyane is a warm, supportive, excellent coach. She is structured and organized while also being extremely skilled at 'dancing' with the client so they can explore topics on their own terms. In each of my coaching sessions with Dyane, I came away with more clarity and direction. I also experience an increase in creativity and momentum after our coaching together. Dyane is a very skillful coach and I highly recommend her!

Coaching client, California

Dyane is a great listener, comfortable offering back what she captures. Dyane sees a great value in the power and use of words. She is kind, warm and flexible. A great coach!

Coaching client Eugenia O., London / Buenos Aires

You have the soul of a child, the mind of an artist, the heart of an angel.

Coaching Client Rosalie P., New Jersey, USA


The best way to improve your storytelling, speaking and communication skills.
Thank you so much for everything Dyane!  You have done a brilliant job at Dalia!
— Kostas Christidis, PhD Senior Data Engineer, Dalia Research GmbH; October 2019

The training truly gave me the understanding that there are systematic ways to train the mind to be more comfortable with the idea of talking in front of people. There are methods that work, and given a good instructor (which was the case), I was able to tell a story in public!
— Ahmed T. Abdelfattah, Dalia Research GmbH; October 2019

Dyane’ s training gave me the power to share a personal story I would never have thought of sharing.

— Omar Benseddik, Latana Business Development; October 2019

Dyane brings energy and a depth of understanding about public speaking that are truly inspiring beside her generous and kind rapport, which generates immediate trust and a great learning space.

Stan Cutzach, Transparency International

... Thank you very much for the great workshop last week! These two days really stuck with me, and I am still very motivated to pull off the next speech (in my case at a conference in Albania) the right way. ... thanks very much for your positive approach, your interesting techniques and the little push at times.

Client, Transparency International

For me the unique part came from pushing me to face my fears; what has made me confident that I can really do this if I practice enough.

Kristina Lesinka, Transparency International

Thank you very much for the amazing workshop. Me and my colleagues liked it a lot. We will send you a request for a follow-up workshop later this year.

Thomas Kantzow, Signavio

Thank you so much for sending my videos and your feedback, it is all very helpful and encouraging. Already now, one week after that training, I feel much more confident in public speaking. Your training works!

Client, Transparency International

Dyane was able to to get a room literally moving, that was fun and insightful.

Workshop participant, Toastmasters International European Conference

I liked Dyane Neiman’s workshop the most at the conference because it was truely a workshop. She got me involved from the first minute.

Workshop participant, Toastmasters International European Conference

Dyane Neiman's was my favorite workshop. As a contestant, I appreciated her gentle way of helping me relax and could use her methods immediately!

Speech contestant, Toastmasters International European Conference

I really liked the content and preparation of the material and the very exciting learning methods. And on top of that, is the motivating style from Dyane Neiman, who made this a rewarding experience.

A. Regorz, business professional

This training was very worthwhile, it also worked well for teambuilding. Dyane was very generous in sharing. Client, Transparency InternationalThis training was very worthwhile, it also worked well for teambuilding. Dyane was very generous in sharing.

Client, Transparency International

I very much enjoyed our sessions and feel that I gained a lot from them. Thanks for being so motivating and adaptable to our varying levels of preparation! It would be great to have you back for help practicing presentations as we will have many of those to come.

Client, Transparency International

It was a pleasure to learn in such a good atmosphere. I really enjoyed the 'sizzling' way you explained things.

Lidija Skenderovic, Design Student, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

I had a lot of fun with you!

J. Kreitz, business professional

If somebody will ask me about your training, I will say, that your sessions were always interesting, helpful and full of fun. Your intention to empower the learner by speaking! speaking! speaking! was very successful. So I hope that I 'll have the opportunity to take part in one of your new courses in the near future.

Dr. A. Brys, Regional Manager, Health Care Affairs

Mir hat super gefallen: deine einzigartige, sehr lebendige Unterrichts-Art, deine Englisch-Aussprache und deine stets klaren Antworten und geduldigen Erklärungen. Ich habe auch die Atmosphäre in der Gruppe genossen und deine Fähigkeit, die absolut verschiedenartigen Menschen (auch mit dem verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergrund) zusammen dazu zu bringen, locker zu sein und Spaß zu haben, hat mich besonders fasziniert!

Natalie Brenner, Social und Business Communication Student, Berlin University of Arts

Great seminar! The two days flew by. Dyane was interested and enthusiastic 100% of the time. I learned a lot and highly recommend.

Client, Transparency International

It's great to be aware of the concrete steps I need to improve. Great interaction, lots of practice, and really enjoyable.

Arielle Joseph, Transparency International

In the evening of the first day (of two days of training) I was surprised that I did not feel tired or exhausted, but rather really energized and full of expectations of the second training day.

Inken Seltmann, Transparency International

It was great to have the opportunity to receive feedback from my peers and to gain essential tips and solutions on fundamental issues that I will apply to be a great public speaker. It was amazing! Dyane is a natural and it's easy to move along with her throughout the training.

Workshop participant, Transparency International

I was extremely sorry to have missed the second day of your workshop. I really enjoyed the first day, the approach of the workshop and your encouraging working style. Many thanks for your motivated facilitation!

Felicia F., Transparency International

This workshop was one of the most interesting I have attended. I can do this 5 more times and still enjoying it!

Workshop participant, Transparency International

The training was just great. It would be tremendous to have Dyane as a coach regularly.

Client, Transparency International


... Dyane was highly effective. She was able to engage and motivate students of all ages. Dyane consistently displayed professionalism, creativity in planning and motivating students. In addition, the teaching staff had the opportunity to learn from Dyane’s techniques with the students as well. I only received the most positive feedback from students, their parents and the faculty.

Constance R. Hendricks, Head of School, The Jefferson School, Georgetown, Delaware, USA


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