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Storytelling Workshop & Show for Teambuilding

a Story from Ben McGuire at The Bear storytelling


Dear ESMT Storytelling Curious,

If you decide to do the storytelling show at Meeet, here is a price list of additional catering or one-hour sound check if we have a live musician.

Professional audio-light technician for the entire evening: 67,50€ net
Professional audio-light technician for sound check etc. 1 hour only: 17,50€ net

Day catering: Full coffee breaks (all cold & hot drinks (including Cappuccinos), lots of fruit, cookies and some cake in the afternoon): 11,50€ net per person and day.
Lunch: Choice of salads, somethig warm (we like to work with a wonderful soup-kitchen who invent new soup recipes every week) and dessert: 14€ net per person and day
Evening: The Bar: Either we fill the fridge for self service and invoice all opened bottles (bottle of wine: 10€, beer: 2,00€, softdrinks / juice 1,50€ net). Or we have the bar "manned" by Stephan for the aforementioned price.
Evening snacks: Choice of fingerfood (small sandwiches, soft pretzels, mini-caprese, falafel, meatballs, etc. on skewers): 18,50€ per person (non-alcoholic drinks included, alcoholic drinks as consumed). If you want to have just the usual pretzels, peanuts, pretzels-sticks, etc and drinks, we charge 5€/person.

If you would like to get an impression of what a storytelling show is like

The Bear's fourth season for true, personal stories in English and German will present its next evening on October 19, 2018 at 8 pm. For more information here.

For more video impressions, here.

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