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What's The Bear?

"I was almost attacked by a bear“
"The babysitter wanted to keep my child“
"I negotiated the price with my mugger“

These are just three of the more than 250 stories that people, like you and me, have shared on the stage at THE BEAR. true stories. erzähltes leben. in over 30 storytelling evenings since 2015.

How it works

Each shows starts with a theme, and storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Professional musicians play between the stories and sometimes accompany the storytellers, as well. Audiences come to experience the heartwarming, entertaining, and often enlightening atmosphere these true, personal stories create.

Why it works

The Bear founder, Dyane Neiman, a New York-bred, Berlin-based storytelling coach and show host, charms the audience to tell their tales in German or English:

The Bear celebrates the diversity and commonality of our community. Stories spur on laughter, honest feelings, aha moments of truth - it’s an evening of heart-to-heart communication.“


Time to grow

The Bear team (Dyane Neiman, together with a team of volunteers and presenter Meeet AG) is determined to harness the enthusiasm and popularity of this storytelling format to grow its audiences and promote the art & craft of storytelling in Berlin.

Future storytellers will be offered story coaching by experienced writers and stage professionals, the stories will be professionally recorded and released as videos on our Youtube channel, Facebook page and (coming soon) podcasts. In addition to the "Open Stage" evenings in the Chausseestraße 86, Berlin-Mitte, a "curated program" will be held for the first time on three evenings in the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg in the 2018/2019 season - space for 125 guests.


Partner with us

"The Bear" offers the opportunity to sponsor this unique, charming, and intelligent form of entertainment. As a sponsor of The Bear you will reach a valuable audience for your brand: Bilingual cosmopolitans, expats, extrovert multipliers, and avid urban adventurers who come as guests and follow the communication of The Bear.

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Reach: The Bear activities, together with our presenters Meeet and Kulturbrauerei reach well over 3000 people / monthly and 1000 people / bi-monthly. Audience advertising profile: men and women ages 21 - 65+, living in Berlin, interests in storytelling, communication, bilingual.