The world belongs to those who can share ideas.

Guy Kawasaki 

SHARE YOUR MESSAGE. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Dyane Neiman, at Moving Speaker helps you communicate effectively through training that starts with your natural talents and develops new skills.

How would your world change if you became a better speaker?


You aren't born a master communicator; you become it. 
At Moving Speaker we are experts at moving ideas - yours! If you are challenged to speak in public or want to get better - we can help.

Our recipe: Take your natural talents, rub them with, new skills, persistence, and practice, and people will begin to  listen.


How well you communicate in your personal and professional life matters! Words matter. Body language matters. Your sincerity and generosity matter.

When you become an effective communicator, you gain THE MOST ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILL!



Make it happen. Share your message.
And change your life - one talk at a time.


We help make it happen

present ideas

How can your ideas be heard in this very loud world? Discover the strengths you've got, add new skills and confidence and you will be able to inform, inspire, surprise, and delight any audience. 


tell stories

People make decisions on how they feel about facts, not on facts themselves. If you want to speak one human being to another - you need to share your personal experiences.

go on stage

How would your professional & personal life change if you could speak in public the same natural confident way you do in private with family & friends?

The world belongs to those who can share ideas.

Stories make your message memorable.

When it's  your chance to stand up and speak out - make it worthwhile.